Preliminary Advice

Planworks offers a Preliminary Architectural Advice Service to help you understand the complexities of Planning requirements and Building regulations prior to obtaining permits for your project. This advice covers the following information:
  • Advice on Project Budget.
  • Project time lines.
  •  Advice on probable  consultants for your project.
  •  Advice on Planning considerations.
  •  Advice on choice of materials selection to suit your project and budget.
  • Advice on building construction methods.
If you are thinking of renovating an existing house or building a new home, a preliminary discussion covering this essential information will be invaluable to help you make decisions on your project. The fee for this service is $ 165.00 incl. GST for a visit to your home or building site up to 2 hours. * If you engage Planworks as your Architect this fee is fully refundable in the first account to be paid. * Limited to Mornington Peninsula, and inner South East areas. All other areas call for price. Call for an appointment and mention “Preliminary Architectural Advice Service.”  

Architectural Fee and Agreement

Planworks offers a fixed fee to clients for architectural services covered in a known scope of work. Your project may be for a new home, or an existing house you wish to upgrade. We will provide complete Architectural Services to your project for a fixed fee, once the extent of the architectural work for your project is known. The extent of the work will usually cover the following architectural work:
  • Measured drawing and existing conditions documentation. (Additions and Alterations )
  • Preliminary Design.
  • Design development / Approved Design.
  • Town Planning Application.
  • Architectural Documentation of Project.
  • Internal Documentation.
  • Tender Project to selected Builders.
  • Building Permit Application.
  Once the extent of architectural work is known, Planworks will provide a Client / Architect Agreement which will include full information covering both the Client and the Architect. This Agreement will show fixed fees for stages of the work, and the total architectural fee excluding GST. Rather than work on a percentage of an unknown building cost, Planworks offers this fixed fee service to enable you to properly budget for the design and documentation process. If contract administration services are required, an hourly rate will be offered to cover these services, and a separate Agreement signed.