Our services

What we do

Planworks Architects Services:
  • Preparatory discussion to provide advice and help prepare your project brief.
  • Site investigation and advice.
  • Obtaining Planning Scheme information and advice.
  • Measure up and prepare existing condition plans and elevations.
  • Preparation of schematic design external plans and elevations of project.
  • Preparation of Opinion of Building Cost and budget planning to ensure that the project will meet your expected budget.
  • Preparation of Design Approval plans, elevations, external works, and preliminary internal drawings for your approval.
  • Preparation of Town Planning Application drawings for submission to Shire Council.
  • Coordination and integration of all required consultant information, including Land surveyor, Structural engineer, Soil Consultant, Energy Efficiency Report. Refer to FAQs for list of consultants possibly required for your project.
  • Preparation of complete working drawings for your project, including internal and external works, for a Building permit Application to a selected Building Surveyor Consultant Company.
  • Preparation of multiple copies of the working drawings for tender to selected Builders to obtain fixed fee building quotes.
  • Advice to Builders on working drawings and tender information prior to building quote submission.
  • Advice to Client prior to Builder selection and contract signing.
  • Administration of the contract services during building construction
Additional project documentation Every project is different, and each may require individual planning information or specialist advice. Planworks will assist and coordinate in obtaining this information from specialist consultants. This may include:
  • Bushfire Assessment and report.
  • Existing vegetation location and identification survey.
  • Re-establishment land survey.
  • Site Geotechnical testing and evaluation.
  • Landscape assessment and design.
  • Building in flood prone areas.
  • Septic tank permit.
  • Building in a heritage area.
  • Build over easement permit.
  • Council Dispensation permit.

Architectural Projects Undertaken

  • New homes.
  • Additions and alterations to existing homes.
  • Multi Unit Developments and Town Houses.
  • Balcony and deck constructions.
  • Garage and carport constructions.
  • Tennis Courts.
  • Swimming Pools.
  • External works incl. paths, walls, fences, driveways.
  • Feasibility studies for new residential projects.
  • Shop Design.
  • Factories and Warehouses.
  • School Alterations.
  • New School Buildings.