About us

Known as Planworks Design and Planworks Architects, this Practice is the longest serving Architect Practice on the Mornington Peninsula, setting up office in 1989. We provide innovative contemporary design with careful attention to budget considerations, to ensure that a quality outcome is achieved for every project. With many successful projects completed on the Mornington Peninsula, Planworks have the design and delivery expertise to achieve the outcome you expect for your next project. This practice specialises in residential new homes, additions and alterations of existing homes, multi unit projects, commercial, and educational projects. Most importantly, Planworks advises on project budgets. We have a proud record of ensuring projects meet client expectations of cost when Builders tender for the project. Our commitment to properly informing clients of building costs for their project is exemplary, so they can confidently begin with the expectation that their budget has been properly considered.  Planworks understands that building within a budget is integral to a successful project, and informing clients of expected building costs is essential to the work of an Architect. Planworks offer complete architectural services at a fee that is competitive with the larger Mornington Peninsula drafting services, but our service covers a complete documentation of your project so that Builders can confidently cost the whole of the works to be undertaken, thus ensuring your project is without cost over runs. Our service includes a tender process to selected quality Builders to ensure a best possible competitive fixed fee building price is achieved. Every client and every project is treated with professional care and courtesy, and with quick and efficient attention. This has been the successful outcome for projects undertaken by Planworks for many years. We would be pleased to discuss your project with you to achieve a similar result, and to offer insight into how best to proceed fro a successful building result.