• About us

    Known as Planworks Design and Planworks Architects, this Practice is the longest serving Architect Practice on the Mornington Peninsula, setting up office in 1989. We provide innovative contemporary design with careful attention to budget considerations, to ensure that a quality outcome is achieved for every project. With many successful projects completed on the Mornington Peninsula, Planworks have the design and delivery expertise to achieve the outcome you expect for your next project. This practice specialises in residential new homes, additions and alterations of existing homes, multi unit projects, commercial, and educational projects. Most importantly, Planworks advises on project budgets. We have a proud record of ensuring projects meet client expectations of cost when Builders tender for the project. Our commitment to properly informing clients of building costs for their project is exemplary, so they can confidently begin with the expectation that their budget has been properly considered.  Planworks understands that building within a budget is integral to a successful project, and informing clients of expected building costs is essential to the work of an Architect. Planworks offer complete architectural services at a fee that is competitive with the larger Mornington Peninsula drafting services, but our service covers a complete documentation of your project so that Builders can confidently cost the whole of the works to be undertaken, thus ensuring your project is without cost over runs. Our service includes a tender process to selected quality Builders to ensure a best possible competitive fixed fee building price is achieved. Every client and every project is treated with professional care and courtesy, and with quick and efficient attention. This has been the successful outcome for projects undertaken by Planworks for many years. We would be pleased to discuss your project with you to achieve a similar result, and to offer insight into how best to proceed fro a successful building result.
  • Our services

    What we do

    Planworks Architects Services:
    • Preparatory discussion to provide advice and help prepare your project brief.
    • Site investigation and advice.
    • Obtaining Planning Scheme information and advice.
    • Measure up and prepare existing condition plans and elevations.
    • Preparation of schematic design external plans and elevations of project.
    • Preparation of Opinion of Building Cost and budget planning to ensure that the project will meet your expected budget.
    • Preparation of Design Approval plans, elevations, external works, and preliminary internal drawings for your approval.
    • Preparation of Town Planning Application drawings for submission to Shire Council.
    • Coordination and integration of all required consultant information, including Land surveyor, Structural engineer, Soil Consultant, Energy Efficiency Report. Refer to FAQs for list of consultants possibly required for your project.
    • Preparation of complete working drawings for your project, including internal and external works, for a Building permit Application to a selected Building Surveyor Consultant Company.
    • Preparation of multiple copies of the working drawings for tender to selected Builders to obtain fixed fee building quotes.
    • Advice to Builders on working drawings and tender information prior to building quote submission.
    • Advice to Client prior to Builder selection and contract signing.
    • Administration of the contract services during building construction
    Additional project documentation Every project is different, and each may require individual planning information or specialist advice. Planworks will assist and coordinate in obtaining this information from specialist consultants. This may include:
    • Bushfire Assessment and report.
    • Existing vegetation location and identification survey.
    • Re-establishment land survey.
    • Site Geotechnical testing and evaluation.
    • Landscape assessment and design.
    • Building in flood prone areas.
    • Septic tank permit.
    • Building in a heritage area.
    • Build over easement permit.
    • Council Dispensation permit.

    Architectural Projects Undertaken

    • New homes.
    • Additions and alterations to existing homes.
    • Multi Unit Developments and Town Houses.
    • Balcony and deck constructions.
    • Garage and carport constructions.
    • Tennis Courts.
    • Swimming Pools.
    • External works incl. paths, walls, fences, driveways.
    • Feasibility studies for new residential projects.
    • Shop Design.
    • Factories and Warehouses.
    • School Alterations.
    • New School Buildings.
  • FAQ's

    Why Engage a registered Architect for your project?

    A registered Architect has undertaken an architecture course at a university, completed a degree in that course, completed a further 2 years work in an architectural office while keeping a log book of work undertaken, and completed a registration exam to become a registered Architect.

    This study involves both design and construction methodology, and includes practical experience. Most importantly, the study and further work practice is design orientated, ensuring that a client brief is given appropriate and considered attention, while matching a client budget. An Architect Design is still identifiable as a pinnacle of building achievement.


    Does Your Project Need a Planning Permit?

    Nearly every project requires a Planning Permit, and you should allow for this when making decisions about your project. Similarly, a Building Surveyor can not issue a Building Permit without written advice from the Planning Authority that a Planning Permit for a particular project will not be required. It is therefore necessary for project drawings to be submitted to the Planning Authority in order to obtain written acknowledgement that they have viewed the drawings and a Planning Permit will not be required. This document can then be submitted to a Building Surveyor for inclusion in the Building Permit Application.


    What Does a Building Permit Cover?

    A Building Permit issued by a registered Building Surveyor is written permission certifying that your plans comply with National Construction Codes and Australian Standards. The quote for his services covers the work to inspect and ratify the drawings, issue a Building Permit, and make mandatory inspections of the building works to check that these comply with the Building Codes. The Building Act 1993 requires that a Building Permit be issued before any building work can proceed.


    Who are Registered Building Practitioners?

    A Registered Building Practitioner includes Draftsmen and Building Designers, Structural Engineers, Building Surveyors, Building Inspectors, Builders, Demolition Contractors, All Building Sub Contractors such as Carpenters, Bricklayers, Electricians etc. A registered Architect has separate registration under the Architects Registration Board, but all must have professional indemnity insurance before being able to carry out related building work. To check a Building Practitioners Registration refer to www.buildingcommission.com.au


    What Does It Cost To Have Plans Prepared?

    This may vary depending upon the extent of the work required, and the size and the complexity of the project. Planworks will provide a written quote for work once these are known, but we recognise that the majority of documentation work undertaken on the Mornington Peninsula is done by drafting services, and we see these as our competition. As a result we aim to keep our fees at the same level as those of the larger drafting services here. We find that on numerous occasions that we are commended by Builders for the extent of project documentation provided to them, making their work and the building process, much easier for them.

    Normally, a fixed fee quote will be provided to you at our first meeting if a design brief and budget can be forwarded to this office prior to our meeting.


    What Other Consultant Costs may Be Incurred?

    Your project may require input from other registered building consultants. An Architect is qualified to provide design and documentation services, but is not qualified to provide a range of other services, and must therefore seek these from those professionals. Planworks have been working for many years with qualified professionals providing specialist services and will engage these on your behalf to ensure proper input and documentation is achieved. Should a specialist consultant be required for unknown specialist work, Planworks will seek out a best quote for your consideration so that this work can be included.

    All consultant work is paid by separate account from the consultant to you for payment directly to that consultant. Consultants for your project may include:

    • Land Surveyor
    • Geotechnical Engineer ( soil report )
    • Structural Engineer
    • Bushfire Assessment Consultant
    • Energy rating Consultant
    • Building Surveyor
    • Landscape Designer
    • Town Planning Consultant


    What Other Costs May be Incurred in the Design Process?

    The fixed fee offered by Planworks covers the design and documentation work according to the brief you submit at the beginning of the design process. We will submit preliminary design drawings for external and internal works until you are happy with what you see on these drawings. Once these drawings have been agreed upon by you, the design process is completed and the permit documentation processes must begin. The Client / Architect Agreement includes clauses covering additional costs for work incurred when you change your mind after the design processes have been completed. The cost of making changes to agreed design drawings will be on an hourly rate for those changes to be made, and will then revert to the fixed fee. These extra costs will be included in the next account submitted for payment.

  • Preliminary Advice

    Planworks offers a Preliminary Architectural Advice Service to help you understand the complexities of Planning requirements and Building regulations prior to obtaining permits for your project. This advice covers the following information:
    • Advice on Project Budget.
    • Project time lines.
    •  Advice on probable  consultants for your project.
    •  Advice on Planning considerations.
    •  Advice on choice of materials selection to suit your project and budget.
    • Advice on building construction methods.
    If you are thinking of renovating an existing house or building a new home, a preliminary discussion covering this essential information will be invaluable to help you make decisions on your project. The fee for this service is $ 165.00 incl. GST for a visit to your home or building site up to 2 hours. * If you engage Planworks as your Architect this fee is fully refundable in the first account to be paid. * Limited to Mornington Peninsula, and inner South East areas. All other areas call for price. Call for an appointment and mention “Preliminary Architectural Advice Service.”  

    Architectural Fee and Agreement

    Planworks offers a fixed fee to clients for architectural services covered in a known scope of work. Your project may be for a new home, or an existing house you wish to upgrade. We will provide complete Architectural Services to your project for a fixed fee, once the extent of the architectural work for your project is known. The extent of the work will usually cover the following architectural work:
    • Measured drawing and existing conditions documentation. (Additions and Alterations )
    • Preliminary Design.
    • Design development / Approved Design.
    • Town Planning Application.
    • Architectural Documentation of Project.
    • Internal Documentation.
    • Tender Project to selected Builders.
    • Building Permit Application.
      Once the extent of architectural work is known, Planworks will provide a Client / Architect Agreement which will include full information covering both the Client and the Architect. This Agreement will show fixed fees for stages of the work, and the total architectural fee excluding GST. Rather than work on a percentage of an unknown building cost, Planworks offers this fixed fee service to enable you to properly budget for the design and documentation process. If contract administration services are required, an hourly rate will be offered to cover these services, and a separate Agreement signed.
  • Where Do I Start

    1. Call us or contact us to arrange a meeting.

    2. Prepare some information prior to our meeting. Ideally this should include:

    Design Brief
    The design brief may include the following information:

    • Open plan or formal living requirement.
    • Dining room arrangement.
    • Master Bedroom with robes included or separate robes.
    • Ensuite and what facilities to be included.
    • How many other bedrooms and with robes.
    • Laundry and what facilities to be included.
    • Kitchen arrangement and what facilities to be included.
    • Bathroom arrangement and what facilities to be included.
    • Guest Powder room if required.
    • Rumpus or other retreat room and what other facilities to be included.
    • Decks and balconies required.
    • Garage or carport for how many cars and what other requirements.
    • Other particular requirements.


    You should have some idea on the amount of money you hope this project will cost, and this should correspond with the amount you can afford to spend for all design and documentation services, and the building cost. Be realistic and be honest. If you are not honest about this, it makes it difficult to provide honest and accurate advice at the beginning of the design process. If you can not afford what you wish to achieve, you will be told so we can adjust your brief to suit your circumstances. We believe that it is much better to have accurate and honest building information at the start of these processes, rather than be in a situation of half way through a building contract with spiralling and unaffordable costs. So please let us know your honest budget.


    Other Documents
    If you have a copy of your Title or Section 32, please bring this. If not we will access these for you. Similarly, planning information can be downloaded. We can do this also for you, and they will be included as a disbursement
    Existing house plans would be helpful, but a check measure will still be required to ensure accurate information for existing conditions.

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